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Policy Approved Date Review Date
Access-to-Information-policy Mar-23 Mar-24
Attendance Policy Sept-23 Jun-25
Behaviour Co-Regulation-Policy Mar-23 Sep-24
Charging-Remissions-policy Feb-22 Feb-23
Child-Protection-policy Oct-23 Oct-24
Complaints-Policy Mar-23 Mar-24
Data-Protection-policy Mar-23 Mar-24
Dealing-with-Vexatious-Complaints-Harrassment Mar-23 Mar-24
Equality Statement Sept-23 Sept-25
Freedom of Information policy  Mar-23 Mar-24
Freedom-of-Information-Publication-Scheme Mar-23 Mar-24
Grievance-procedure Mar-23 Sep-23
Keeping_children_safe_in_education Sep-23 Sep-24
Looked After Children Policy Sept- 23 Sept- 24
Managing Allegations against people in a position of Trust (KCSIE 2023 Policy) Sept-23  
No Smoking Policy Sept- 23  
Privacy Notices Sept- 23 Sep-24
Social-Media-policy Mar-23 Sept-26
Whistleblowing-policy Feb-23 Feb-24
Uniform Policy   Sept-23
RSE Policy Sept-20 Sept-23
Remote Education Policy   Sept-23


Please see our policies below and if parents/carers would like a paper copy of any policy, please contact the school office to request one. This will be provided to you free of charge.