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Independent Travel Training

Who we are

We are Solihull Council’s Independent Travel Training Team. We work with individuals who are currently travelling to school on a Solihull Council provided taxi and teach them how to travel from home to school and return journey using public transport. This service is completely free of charge. 



How Independent Travel Training works:

  • Travel training takes place every school day in the morning and afternoon
  • A travel trainer will support the student very closely, travelling with them door to door
  • As the student gains more confidence and independence, support is gradually reduced until the student is able to complete the journey safely, confidently and independently
  • When the student is ready to become an independent traveller, a different travel trainer will observe the student on their journey,
  • the student can then be signed off as an independent traveller or further work may be needed to develop the student's skills further
  • on completion of travel training the Education Transport Team will decide your most suitable method of transport assistance

During travel training, the pupil’s taxi space will be put on hold. This does not mean that the taxi is gone forever!  If the pupil is not successful with travel training, they will be put back onto their taxi.

To sign up for travel training, please call us on; 0121 704 8069 or fill out an online referral form;